Two girls. One life long adventure. 

Florida girls filled with wanderlust brought together by a love of adventures, damn good food, thrifting, an obsession with living life to the fullest and taking photos.


Lady Adventures was spawned by our shared passion for exploring nature, taking road-trips, eating great food and finding hidden gems of the secret spot and vintage kind. Out of the ashes of our lives’ unfortunate events, we shunned our day-to-day each weekend and used every ounce of free time to get lost in nature, only to find our true selves. Thus, Lady Adventures was named and founded. 

We believe in bringing life back to the basics. Food tastes better when cooked over a campfire. Sand in our hair, freckles sun kissed on our skin, smelling of spring water, salty air, dirt, campfire and other earthly delights are the luxuries offered by our second home in nature. Uneven tan lines, battle scars, bruises on our bodies, and aching muscles are all worthwhile sacrifices for the good of the adventure. 

Welcome to Lady Adventures.





Genevieve & Sara work full time jobs so all of our adventures are overnight road trips or day trips. Because we feel it is vastly important to get out in nature in order to decompress from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day city life, we are naturally drawn to the road each weekend. Most trips can be made from Central Florida (specifically Orlando) on a tank of gas or less and most weekends cost less than $25 per person for lodging/camping and park admission. 

The Lady Adventurers abide by the nature motto of “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time" and encourage all those that spend time in nature to be aware of how you treat the spaces, plant life and animals around you. We feel it is essential to responsibly enjoy your local state parks for when you do, you are voting with your dollars that the parks are important to you.

We are constantly trying new things and are up for any adventurous activity. From stand up paddle boarding to free diving and rope swinging, we love being in and around the water. Luckily, living in Florida allows us to be mermaids most everyday of the year, so we spend a lot of time in the springs, oceans, rivers and lakes of Florida.

We currently take all photos with GoPro and iPhone cameras and we take a lot of photos! While Sara is a professional photographer, we both are crafty enough to always score awesome shots and have had the luxury of photographers joining us to take photos of our adventures.

We hope you enjoy peeking in on our adventures.

Happy Adventures,

Genevieve & Sara